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March 26, 2009

Too Couture To Be True!

I am always on the look out for exciting hair, also the bigger the So when I found this amazing updo, well let's just say that the hair got me started....:D
The dress, by Amariah Francis, is so stylish and fun. I knew the cute bubbIe skirt was the perfect match for the hair. LOVE! 
The second I put it on though,I knew I needed a splash of color. This incredble collar, by Elate!, pure sculptie fashion design genius, imho, totally made the look. It is part of a dress, but works wonders all by itself, as well. The shoes by Storm Schmooz(who needs to release some new stuff soon!) was the perfect red to complete the outfit.
I felt so too couture, I had to take pics!

The pics are taken only with windlight settings(my new toy).No post processing. I hope you like it!

Red, white & black

Labieja - Elina (noir)
Skin :
CHAI Skins - Indigo Freckle Sugar(old group gift)
Miriel Eyes - Dirty Blue, Cake - Flutter lashes,

AMARIAH - Mist, Black Crochet Lace Bubble Dress 
Collar :
Elate! - Maria Ruby Rose
Sheer - Stockings: Nylon Shiny Black
Storm Schmooz - Laque Red

Poses by me for
 ..::DARE:.. Poses 
not released yet. 


March 25, 2009

..::DARE::.. Dollarbies

KissMiBelly T-shirt

Come and grab'em!
T-shirt and fantastic spotlight just for you!
Be the star you are!

Available only at : .::DARE::.. Haute Couture

Outfit in picture above from Riviera Couture and gloves from Royal Blue.


March 22, 2009

..::DARE::.. Midnight Tango Dress

..::DARE::.. Midnight Tango Dress

Elegant, sophisticated and perfect for that romantic dinner with Mr. Right.

The ..::DARE::.. Midnight Tango dress has a delicate sheer lace top and rich velvet skirt.
Can also be worn without the system skirt, if you want to spice it up with a lower waistline.
Comes in all layers. Tintable Bra Top and Pantie included.

Available only at : .::DARE::.. Haute Couture

Styling Tips: 
Pearl Earrings, necklace and bracelet : Muse
Bag: Paper Couture
Shoes: Maitreya

March 10, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge #21

I'd been following the fashionable baton being passed on, getting more and more excited, even nervous, and finally when I get to my turn in this wonderful challenge by Sasy Scarborough. I had to go visit my in-laws for the week-end! YAY, happy times!!!That explains the delay in posting, people! I'm back home..time for fun!

Thank you Newdoll from Just A Girl's Blog  for handing over the baton. Lovely ensemble you put together, making it quite hard for me to pick what to relay, I must admit! Shoes, hair, shorts and shirt, I wanted it all!

The beautiful white flower on Newdoll's neck caught my attention right away though, when reading her post, and since I'd never been to LOULOU&CO, the Nostalgia necklace will be my item to relay.
(I had to have it too, anyway)

I decided I didn't want to go with the brands I love to wear, but to try and look for new stuff out there, visit stores I'd never bought stuff from or perhaps even knew about before. I guess it wouldn't be a challenge if I went with what I knew, otherwise I'd picked those Maitreya Soho Boots INSTANTLY! Since I have them ALL! haha...

Seeing as many of the posts in the relay have been more casual in style, I wanted to couture it out for you y'all.
I don't know how to dress causal as female! LOL! Yeah..I'm the only male in this challenge. ;)

It was time for me to enter unknown fashion land!
Here goes!

Phew! What a day! This was some challenge I have to say, to go couture with only separates and shops I don't really know! It was HARD I tell you! I don't think I've ever tp around as much as today! Bearing with lag and crashes takes its toll!
I have to admit though, not everything are from stores I've never bought from or heard of. Some items I already had in my inventory, things I always wear and know I won't find better, not worth trying to look even.

So I began searching for what might match the flower on my neck, and this is what I came up with.


Top: AMARIAH - Mist, Crochet Lace Top.
The lace detailing in this top is just amazing and the different textures below the chest makes this little top couture stylish. The second I saw it I knew I had to have it on me! And boy was it time to find something I'd been looking all day! The top also comes with lace sleeves on glove layer.
I have a feeling this little store will soar!

Jacket: *Fishy Strawberry* - Decadence Mongolian Fur - Coal
Nothing says Couture Lux more than a lush fur bolero jacket!

Skirt: Mimikri hot couture - Paris black/Evening Skirt
The skirt is so big and luxurious, I had to make it bigger! I love to sexy walk in it! LOL!
Besides I needed something to compensate the jacket.

Tights: *Sheer* -Tights 27: Opaque Black
OK, I had this in my inventory. If you don't have nylon stockings from Sheer, you don't have nylon stockings. So what if you can't see them! ;)


Headpiece: [gisele] - hair/Zoe nuit head accessory
The sweater I have from this store, is pure sculptie wearable art. So going into the shop I had a feeling I would find something I'd like. But how could I have known that this little exquisite flower head piece would be there waiting for me, all matchy matchy with the crotchet lace top.
This is sold with a 4 pack of hair, but the hair didn't fit my large couture head!

Earrings: *kraftika jewelery - Earrings No 115
This set comes with an equally lovely necklace. The natural pearl shapes did it for me. I have to go back and snatch up the rest of the cute and interesting jewelery they had!

Shoes: Maitreya - Mishima Dawn - Patent Mix Liquorice
Had this in my inv already, however in Auburn, apparently not sold anymore. Well it didn't hurt to get the all black ones either. LOVE!

Gloves: Fleur(formerly TaP) - Leather Gloves Merlot
Just get the fat packs. Best gloves ever!

Necklace: LOULOU&CO - Nostalgia necklace
This necklace has so much going on, you can look at if the longest and still find new details!


What's great about this hair beside the great shape and fierceness, is that it comes in a pack of 5 colors each with a 133 color change script! Hours of fun..LOL!

Skin : CHAI Skins - Double-Shot/ Lavender Tone 05
I'm a Chai guy! What can I say. I only wear Chai. Love the lips and the dramatic eyeshadow. Comes with/without freckles and extra cleaveage shading! Guess which I'm wearing....:)

Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Poses: ..::DARE::.. - Fashion/Runway poses
Fashion poses made by me. Will be released soon!

OK, I'm done styling for a while! Thank you Sasy, I had a blast putting this together.
And now I hand over the baton to Lucy Kenin.  Have fun girl!


March 6, 2009

Loving poses!

OMG, ok so I can't get enough of making poses right now!
Although the damn program is kind of wierd and things dont always import the way I want. I am totally into it! 
Making runway animations is something I want to go into next, but it's so tricky..I'm not exactly a fashion model in RL..haha...but I have a feeling I can bust out some fierce animations for all you fashionistas out there. :)
Here is one pose I really like. 
The elegant Lean Back.

March 2, 2009

Enjoying myself!

Had some fun with photography yesterday! I'm kind of proud of this picture. Simple and elegant at the same time. 

I'ts from my Flickr stream.

Hope you like it!