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July 18, 2009

Elliott the Gorgeous Swamp

I was able to grab a spot on the new sim Elliott, the most beautiful swamp in SL. Garbage Prototype built an incredible enviroment!
It is just opening now! 5pm today! Watch out for the water!
..::DARE::.. @ Elliot
Periquita shoes opened up their new mainstore here as well, Erplas store is fun fun fun!
Go look for your self, and grab some shoes!
Periquita Mainstore @ Elliot

July 14, 2009

..::DARE::.. Move Stretch Dance Pose set

..::DARE::.. Move Stretch Dance poses

Before you dance you have to stretch.
So think outside the box and start moving!
A new set of poses for all the flexible joints out there.
It's time to work it out ppl!

The set of 14 poses is only 400L.
Single poses are 50L.

Only available at ..::DARE::..

A huge THANK YOU to SugarKane Gumbo for modeling these poses. Doesn't she look absolutely fierce!

Bend'n snap!

July 12, 2009

..::DARE::.. Cover Pose!

OMG! I was admiring the stunning cover picture of the July issue of Avenue mag. by Sennaspirit Coronet, when it suddenly dawned on me that it is one of the poses I created!! Woot!
Hand over head, from my Editorial set, it makes makes me so happy!!!

Avenue Magazine July 2009 Issue!


July 9, 2009

A Day At The Beach....

I met some people on the beach that were super cool and casual. They had that relaxed "I'm rich and I have no problems in life" feel about them. (no I'm jealous). Well...since I'm not rich and I do have problems in RL. I decided to go ahead and create that feeling for myself in SL. (no I don't need therapy). Plus I'm kinda happy and proud to have found the CUTEST tattoo in all of SL! Just look at that little tweety, my new easy maintenance pet!

Day at the beach

The amazing poses are from Pda, I felt so smexy and casual while shooting. Their names always crack me up too. I also have to mention Smudge, I don't usually wear tatoos at all, but these are so unsual. The selection is fun and quirky, LOVE!


Skin: Belleza - Miguel Med 5
Eyes: Glanz - ClearGray
Hair & Hat: MADesigns - CHRIS
Tattoos: Smudge - (front) the tweet / (back) the bug Smudge


Pants: Whippet & Buck - Harris Tartan Shorts IVORY
Scarf: The Dogs - Blame Scarf Tarten
Glasses: Shade Throne - AVIATORS LITE 2 - red
Shoes: Kalnin's - Earthshine
Cigarette + box: FNKY! - Cigarette II

Poses: Order by size in pic.
PDA - You live in a Houseboat, You drive an Iroc, Orwell Liberty Dance

A carefree, rich & relaxed greeting!