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February 17, 2009

Winning outfit?

Ok, so for my interview on Sunday i have put together this outfit. I find it stylish and elegant, and different at the same time.
I LOVE the Gisele wool sweater, the collar is sculptie couture genius!And the whole outfit is a mix and match of textures in grey to black tones, with hints of blue. I like how the Shai tank top is just barely seen under the sweater.  Kind of holds the look together.
Gryphon Wings made these silk pants and the model and textureing is just wonderful.
I fell in love with this hair from Laq,"Breeze" I never thought I'd fit in the artsy "emo" hairstyle, but it works rather well in this look. I look mystrious in a way.. just agree! :D
The gloves are Tap leather gloves mixed with the Maitreya arm warmers hand piece in grey. I had the whole thing on, but they are not made for men! It just looked like a robot arm, but this option of mixing them made it more interesting.
The shoes and the back pack (that you cant see!) are from Soreal, the back pack was a group gift from a while ago, but the shoes are the City Sneakers.
Armidi Glasses of course!

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