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April 21, 2009

..::DARE::.. Robert Longo Poses

About a week ago the wonderful Marleen Vaughan posted a challenge for all
posers on the blog Fashionphiles.

I decided to give it a go, since I already was planning on releasing a bunch of fierce poses in the near future. This was the perfect kick my procrastinating butt needed. Of course it helped that the poses she wanted made were, to say the least out of the ordinary!
She wanted the RL artist Robert Longo's graphic works of art, with strong movement and intense moments captured through dancers in motion. These paintings instantly catches your attention and draws you in!
This was the perfect challenge to hone my skills!

Check out the whole range of Robert Longo's art here! Robert Longo Gallery

After sending my poses over to Marleen, thinking I'd get a cute picture of her posing back as thanks, I started preparing my first animation vendor.

Robert Longo Poses

Only available at: ..::DARE::.. Haute Couture

Each pose is also sold separately. The pack is only 400L for 10 amazing poses you can shoot from ANY angle. seems Marleen didn't send a cute picture back. SHE MADE A WHOLE MAGAZINE!!
Together with Bakersfield Kidd and Lourdes Galicia she put together this incredible tribute to Longo's poses and the posemakers that took the challenge.

You owe it to your self to check it out!

The pictures are some of the strongest SL photographic works of art I've seen!
PLEASE NOTE: All photography by Bakersfield Kidd is produced COMPLETE in world. No photoshop or post production editing is involved. For more on his work, please go to The Gasoline Burn Gallery.

Hugs !


  1. These are fantastic poses!!! Amazingly like the Longo poses. Great work.

  2. Thank you Elisabeth! It was great fun to make them. /Chance

  3. Fantastic!!!
    I love your ad poses for these. Stunners.


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