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June 16, 2009

..::DARE::.. Editorial Fashion Poses

I want to start by thanking everybody SO much for using my poses and for the cheer and support I have received for them! It is a great feeling to see how they are used in amazing art shots and fashion posts. THANK YOU! BIG HUGS!

..::DARE::.. Editorial Fashion Pose Set

Here is my latest set of couture fashion poses. Fierce editorial fashion poses for those amazing stunning shoots that will blow your mind! Come on people, let's get snapping!

I am so glad and honored the amazing beauty Elisabeth Villiers from ou la la mode wanted to model for me. It's worth it to come to my store just to stare at her gorgeous face for a bit.;D

The full set has 13 poses plus 3 versions with moving torso and head which you can't buy as singles. So you get a lot more angle options!

Single pose is 50L.

Only available at ..::DARE::..



  1. Chance!<3<3 i love your poses!! and today i will go for this awesomes poses, i wan to take pics:XD


  2. Thank you Ipanemagirl! Go for it! ;D

  3. Love them <333
    Great work, Chance!!
    They will be MUST HAVE for fashion shoot!!

  4. YAY....I'll have to see if they are too smexy for Lizzie haha.

  5. Another pack of stunning poses.
    Thank you Chance ... you are a master craftsman at making poses.

  6. Thank you all sooo much! It means alot! ;D

  7. You know how much I love these, Chance! And you made an awesome photo montage again. Hugz!

  8. Some of these poses are even suitable for men, I think. I don't have a female av, but I couldn't resist picking up a few. They really do look like they belong in a high end fashion mag. Beautiful work.

  9. Oh wow how cool, you have to show me Theo! :) Thanks!

  10. mmkay thanxx i havee a photoo shoot so thanxx u hellpedd heapsss! TY!

  11. yay! I'm glad you love me too! lol and that it was to your help!


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