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June 12, 2009

Light My Tomoto!

Ever since my little Tweelie was I have really been inspired to style myselfs a lot more than usual, mostly because she allows me to wear stuff I normally wouldn’t (no there is no multiple personality warning signal going off). I actually have several wonderful looks ready, but ever since Izzy B. from PDA dropped poses on me and my search for the perfect in- world photo lighting started, I can never quite settle with how I want the outfits presented. It has nothing to do with me being particular, I promise!

This outfit though I just HAD to share now because it's such a precious find to me. Plus I'm getting there with the lighting. The pictures in this post have not been altered in any way except for the border shading. The clothes and my avi are untouched. I am looking for that perfect 3d feeling. Standing inside a box with heavy glow and light emitting from it's center seems to be the way to go, I think, in case you wondered. If anyone is interested in this glow box, just IM me in-world and I'll send it over.

Anyway on with the styling!

I saw a post by Beanie Canning on the Beanie Loves Japan blog, and made a quick mental note to go check out the store, since Beanie looked super cute in the dresses. Tomoto was instant love! After entering the store I had to tp friends over to support my shopping frenzy. I don’t even know how many times I clicked that buy button, but lindens were flying in every direction! There was utter chaos for a bit! (how wonderful) I think I might have bought the entire store. I might even have double purchased some items, but I don’t care because Tomo Wachter deserves every L. The dresses in the store are superb. The texturing is detailed, the flexi is beautifully flowy, the sculptie shapes are natural and well made and the designs are quirky and well executed. It's just lovely through and through, and all so cheap! There's lots of free goodies as well, hair and different tops. Yeah, it was shopping bliss an entire evening. Thank you Tomo! ;D

I was invited to a fun formal event and I wanted to go as quirky anti formal but still kind of formal enough in SL couture fun style, hoping I could pull it off somehow. I chose to wear the white lacy dream dress Jour Heron. Once I had the dress on I felt it needed a head piece. The dress comes with a hat, but I didn’t think it fit well with the hair from Tiny Bird. The chandelier tiara by genius hat maker Megg Demina of Chapeau Tres Mignon I own only because I saw it on Thalia Jie's flickr stream. She is one of the fiercest stylists in SL, imho. She never ceases to amaze me and a peek at her stream HERE is always inspiring.
So with a flowery chandelier on my head I wanted to be a bit serious. and nothing is more serious than a monocle. I don’t know how come I have this but when I searched monocle in inventory it was there.(magic inventory!) I couldn’t find it in the store at VintageWear but perhaps it will be available after the rebranding to Epoque is done.
The boots are a perfect contrast because they are tough and heavy, a good root for all that light flowy flexi lacy going on, on top.

Light my Tomoto front back

All dressed up and ready to go, I tp to the event and nobody's there...fiddle fiddle with outfit looking around...still nobody's coming...umm..ok...wait and zoom around.....nice room..hmm…nobody's here...looking at invitation..time is invitation again...OH!! I was one day early! (silent silly moment) and total anti couture climax.

Oh well!

Light my Tomoto Close up

Till next time!

Dress: Tomoto – Jour Heron
Monocle: VintageWear *rebranding to Epoque
Head piece Flower: Tomoto – Jour Corsage Nuit Blance
Chandelier Tiara: Chapeau Tres Mignon - Josephine's Chandelier Tiara
Earrings: Lelutka - Grace *Group Gift
Gloves: Vette's Boutique - V-Glove White
Stockings: ..::DARE::.. - Stocking Vintagey
Boots: The Abyss - NAU Combat Boots Unisex

Skin: &Bean - The Anger
Eyes: Miriel - Silver Screen
Hair: Tiny Bird - Seashells
Tattoo: Tiny Bird - Smudge Shoulder bird *Freebie!

Pose: PDA- Fried Piper


  1. Tweelie comes out to play and she's spectacular!

    Chance, this is a great look ... you have so many separate pieces here and the whole look combines into flawless styling.

  2. this dress is cool:)

  3. I just went to the store thinking I had never been there and almost bought one of the dresses before I realized I already had it in my inventory. >.< Either I've got a shopping problem or I'm senile. Probably both. Regardless, thank you for the reminder and I love the look!

  4. I think it's the shopping bug, it spreads quite fast I heard, first symptom is memory loss.

    Thx for the comments! ;D

  5. Chance! Your blawg rawks and i am loving your outfits.

    You should sell that GlowBox™too.


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