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August 14, 2009

Le.Look, it's a Posers Hunt

Exciting news!

I was asked to be one of the stylists for Le.Look! shopping district during August! We are looking at 4 weeks of great styling fun, and everything we wear basically you can get there. It is one of my personal favorite shopping sims, so I was thrilled and honored when Anemysk Karu of Glow Studio asked me to do this with her!

For our first week we decided to go with retro glam fun schawam! Every Saturday you can see what we come up with on the Le.Look blog, and you also don't want to miss out on the amazing photo work of Jordan Giant who will be photographing us. I'm so excited! (Can you tell?)


I will participate in my first hunt ever! Weee!!
The hunt is special because it highlights us pose makers in SL! The PRO POSERS hunt goes from 15 to 30 August.
Over 30 pose shops and makers are participating and that is just fantastic.

My hunt gift is some fun poses inspired from the 70s, one couple pose and some cool moves.
You can see the couple pose and one (mine) single pose in the Le. Look Aug Week 1 style post. There are more poses in the gift pack, but you're gonna have to pick it up to see them! OK?!

Click on over to the Le. Look! August Week 1 post
and check back on Saturday and start hunting then too!

Here is the Slurl to Le. Look!

..::DARE::.. Disco Lean Couple pose
That's the adorable Anya Ohmai, twirling with me! ;D


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