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August 11, 2009

Skip To The Pose!

I have been heavy in pose making mode and decided to throw someting quick together, before friends started accusing me of being indecent. I've been walking around almost naked, she-male style, male skin/female shape.(no it's not pretty).

It has been a while since I posted an outfit! Lord, it doesn't take long before you feel totally out of the loop. I don't even know how to write anymore, so here follows some random rambling on some awesome stuff.

The see through cotton t-shirt from Doppelganger I saw on the Jewnas Brothers blog first, a total must have! A funny thing, on Fashion Feed of SL I was set as a Jewnas brother, oh I wish they would adopt me so that wasn't just a bug on the site!

Zaara has to make more men's stuff!! Just HAS to! These chinos are unisex and total love love love!.

The hat and hair from MAD Design, I am still wearing(note to self, wash hair)'s so in fashion atm, specially in RL I see this hat everywhere.

The Miguel skin from Belleza just make me feel kinda smexy, love the fact that it resembles me a tad in RL.(let me dream.....OK!)

Steinwerk, a new brand to me, very sleek design on the glasses and Ubu Drunks shoes, both these items are top class sculptie design/texture work, and both have unbelievablely varied customization menus, you can change just about anything on them. Perfect for matching to what ever you have on.

The Yummy necklaces I bought years ago, but they still rock! They have that perfect male jewellry,"I don't care what I look like, but I wear necklaces"-feel.

Now on to the poses, which made me wanna blog this outfit in the first place!
These two poses are part of a Skipping Stones Hunt gift from PDA, and the whole set from them is just so fun, unique, full of character and quirkyness I feel so cool using them. (I really shouldn't tell you guys bout them, cause I want them all for my self!)


Get on the skip and look for those stones, there are some great gifts out there from some the best bohemian and alternative stores in Second Life.
There are over 50 stores in the hunt, so you will be sure to find lots of amazing gifts and hopefully some new favorites.
It starts here:

ZaaraDoppubuPDA_Some Girls

Happy Hunting!

Skin: Belleza - Miguel Tan 4 Eyeliner
Hat & hair: : MAD Design - CHRIS
Pants: Zaara - Chinos navy
T-Shirt: Doppelganger Inc. - Last Thread Tee Buttercup
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - Drunks
Glasses: Steinwerk - GT Sunglasses
Necklaces: Yummy Adventure Necklace (male)/ "Bro" locket

Poses: PDA - Respectable & Some Girls

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