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September 29, 2009

Get SHIKI with It!

I love Second Life! Love it! Where else can you step into a store, fall in love just about everything in there, friend the designer and be given a super cool gift, just for being in the store? I mean, imagine me stepping into Armani, texting Giorgio, "hey man love ur stuff!" and next day find a suit on my doorstep. (no don't think so...)
But this is what happened when I discovered SHIKI Design during the Stepping Stones hunt. I had one of those wonderful click everywhere experiences that don't happen all too often, specially not for men's ware, and ended up chatting with Shinichi Mathy for quite a while. Anyway...I've been wearing SHIKI ever since and FINALLY I am blogging it. I meant to do it like during the Stepping Stones hunt, which was like forever ago, but better late than never, right?! What I love about SHIKI is color and pattern. Shin mixes textures and patterns with a wonderful color palette. Most clothing comes with different color choices and alot of it is quite bold yet stylish, totally not over the top. Well..except for the pink gingham suit that I drooled over for a while. I'm like " No He Didn't!" but he did, and I wore it out! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I also have to mention that there are freebies all over the store, and they are great! Just join the group.

I wanted to use the same accessory base throughout, together with each look, but it didn't quite work out. First items were the super cool hats from Surf Couture, however the denim look needed hair. The shoes from Shiny Things, not new, but still wonderful, complemented the clothes so well. Although the pink gingham suit worked best with light shoes.

I created 3 looks based on SHIKI.

Autumn, Dark Denim and Pink Madness.

You figure out which is which.....
SHIKI Denim Suit Charcoal
The detailed texturing on this suit is amazing. I chose to darken the collar a bit, cause I'm cool like that. And the suit is mod, so adjust the tone however you like. The tank top from Shai adds that pop of color that was needed. I don't know why, but I always feel right when I put on my Armidi Aviators and FNKY cigg, they go so well together and bring that hip edge to any outfit.
Pose: Snook

SHIKI Pink Gingham Suit
LOVE this! I wish I could pull this off in RL, FOR REAL!
Pose: KoumB

SHIKI Fall look1

The pants is love! I'm a sucker for anything checkered. The scarf from LaGyo, makes this outfit really stand out to me, Gyorgyna Larnia has an amazing feel for details and the tassels on this thing move so realistically.
Pose: PDA

I have to thank Thalia Jie for pointing me to MANDALA and Anya Ohmai for sending me to Ordinary Design.

I'm ready to go do some more fall shopping...coming with?


Skin: Belleza - Miguel Tan 4 Eyeliner
Chest hair: ..::MAI::.. - Justin Sunrise Skin Vol.2 shirt layer (Comes with ..::MAI::.. skin)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Gold Flakes - Olivine (m)

Pink Madness:
Hat : Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat - Faded Pink
Necklace : Milk Motion - My Huuuge Necklace - White
Suit: SHIKI Design - Gingham Check Rose
Shoes: Ordinary Design - Lemuridae (B tartan )

Dark Denim:
Hair: Laqroki - Breeze - Jet Black
Glasses: Armidi Gisaci- Lifestyle Aviators Lens Changer
Cigg: FNKY! - Cigarette II (long ash)
Tank Top: Shai - Mens Ribbed Tank Top Orange
Suit: SHIKI Design - Denim Suit - Charcoal (collar mod darker)
Gloves: YV - Vivien - Long Finger Glove
Shoes: Shiny Things - Tritones - Black Velvet

Hat: Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat - Dune Skipping Stone Gift (color mod purple)
Glasses: Yummy - Mom Glasses - Aba Aqua
Watch : DCCXXIII - OS-WW001
Bag : :MIRONE: Rattan Bag - Dark
Bracelet : MANDALA - REIKI Bracelet Green Stone
Sweater/Shirt : SHIKI Design - Sweater Grey Shirt - CHARCOAL
Pants: SHIKI Design - Tartan Pants - Brown
Scarf: LaGyo - Sciarpetta - Old wall (slight purple tint mod)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Tritones - Autumn


  1. <3 you're rawkin all the looks! I ’specially love the pink gingham...let's go square dancing or I like the autumn outfit dude....but wait the dark denim is so with it...ok..can't choose a favorite...

  2. sound like me when I was in the store...LOL..Thank you Elisabeth!

  3. i left here comment looong time ago... where it is?;/

    anyway, last look rocks!


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