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October 9, 2009

Shave off some years....

How old is your avi in SL? I seem to be in the 28-35 range, mostly I think because I have my goatee and not so sporty style going on. In RL I actually feel a bit lost and naked without my goatee. (so deep I know!) But I thought to give it a go in SL, and I am glad, cause I look so much younger! ..::MAI::.. Justin skin is great in quality and has a nice charming face, it managed to lure me off my Belleza. I styled myself not so young though, more relaxed stylish artsy kinda way. I'm still in my SHIKI clothes, this is the jacket part of the new coat from SHIKI fall collection, the pants are from the black fall suit, LOVE the color splashes in it. The blue belt was what got this outfit going. The GLOW hats are very elegant, I modded the shape a bit and I really appreciate when you can mod accessories. The FD belt has been in my inv for ages and I love the feel it brought to this outfit. The Shiny Things shoes are so damn good, I want more!

So yeah here I am all shaven and "dapper", quote from Vanity, muah!

SHIKI Blue Grey
Pose: PDA - A Well Respected Man

Skin: ..::MAI::.. - ..::MAI::.. Justin Sunrise Skin Vol.2
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Gold Flakes - Olivine (m)

Clothes: SHIKI Design
Coat - Midnight Blue
Black Fall Suit (pants only)
Turtleneck Sweater KIMONO Grey

Belt: (FD) - Shiny Thread Belt
Hat: [glow] Fedora Hat with Feather -Lace
Glasses: (VW) now Epoque - Oversized Shades - Metal (don't know if for sale still)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Murphys - Blue
Socks: Maitreya - Slouch Socks Grey/Black

See you at teatime!


  1. YAY love this look.

  2. looking good and oh-so-arty...muah

  3. Arty is a great word for it. I love your blog, I will be following it now I added it to my reader (mind you that doesn't always mean much). I will also add your blog to my blogroll, so nice to find male bloggers in SL fashion since so rare.Oh and your art! OMG sooooo adding you on flickr too!

  4. Wonderfull pic!<3<3<3 love your style so much chance! i saw you in Lelutka and i love how you look:)

  5. Thanks you so much Ipane! I love your style too! HUGS!

  6. I love this look. With anemysk hat is perfect!:)

  7. i love it chance! amazing!

  8. Thank you! Yes the hat was part of the inspiration!

    Vito, you are too kind! :)


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