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October 18, 2009

A number of friends...

What I love the most about SL is the abundance of creativity you see where ever you go. Never before in my life have I been in a place where I am exposed to such a width of talent, which simply blows me away. It’s slightly mind boggling. It also makes me think of what abilities we as humans really have, so much potential and capacity that perhaps never would be realised if it wasn’t for SL. I know that is why SL is so captivating to me. I can let my creativity loose here, and it makes me feel good inside.


If you have tried to create something in-world you know how much work, time and effort that goes into making things, specially things that have amazing quality and ooze originality.

I think about the people that have created such items, their personality and different preferences, their background and lives. Who they are and what makes them tick, and how that is reflected in the things they make. They are all artists. I am very happy to have met and know some of these amazing people. I have been there when they go through the creative process and it is very rewarding to see.(mind you sometimes it’s pure torture, for them!) In this post I am wearing items by people that I have gotten to know quite well here in SL and I am very very proud and privileged to have as friends.


Erpla Prieto creator of Periquita shoes made boots after being in a rut. I asked her how she would create something inspired by her early creations but with her current skills, and these Kitchorific boots came to be. How fun aren’t they! Erpla is one of the most intelligent people I know, her brain works so fast it’s slightly scary at times(mostly cause it makes me feel like my brain goes in slow mo.)

Undo Hermano, behind SHADE THRONE, is like the coolest and most confident diva “bitch” with style I have ever met. I remember the first time I saw one of her sunglasses in a post and literally being bewildered by its design. My first visit to her store just had me perplexed. Her stuff is so “outside the box”. Apparently she designs in her sleep, so she can release new items every 2 days.(or so it seems) LOVE!


Anemysk Karu, one of the designers of [GLOW] has an eye for detail and a crisp vision of fashion that reflects in her graphics work. Her flickr stream is always refreshing to watch. Her sensitive and mature nature is balanced by her driving force to see things from a new angle, to always be on the forefront of her ability. Just look at the patterns of these FOLK earrings, inspired by Polish culture. Simply genius.

Last and definitely least, in avi size! (LOL) is Anya Ohmai. It is difficult to not be smitten by Anya’s charm and endearing character. On top of that she has the ability to transform simple garments into beautiful pieces of clothing. Her first tank top she made in one day, and it was the best tank I’d seen in SL! Her sense of color, shape and proportion is really impressive. Her clothing feels so natural! Talking to her about life in and out of SL has made me think a lot bout my own life and she’s quite mature for a young woman. I love her to bits, even though I nag on her like an old dad!


I know this post had a lot of text, but I wanted to let my friends know how I feel. And I hope everybody can and will tell the people near them how much they are appreciated. We all contribute to this small world we live in, let’s make it a positive and generous contribution!

Happy Halloween!
Paying it forward!



Skin: &Bean- The Light Anger – Famined
Hair: Tiny Bird – Kissy Kissy – Ginger
Eyes: Poetic Colours – Shallow Waters medium
Lashes : [GLOW] – Flutter lashes - Flare


Tomomo Vests
Lippin Denim Tunic – Gauche Wash (only at Gatcha Gatcha festival right now)
Summer Breeze – Dark Depths (Skirt part of dress)
Sheer Leggings – Concrete

Necklace : SHADE THRONE – The Mix-Up
Accessories : [GLOW] – Fall collection
Shoes: Periquita - Kitchorific boots (The Black Market exclusive)

Poses: Sunflower poses - Happy Halloween

Pumpkin: Rebel-X - Decoration Pumpkin (amazing quality 6 versions for only 200L!)


  1. I Love you Chance! If I had à blog I'd make à whole post about YOU, how wonderful, creative, funny, caring and unique person you are.<3 Erpla

  2. Wow!...I love these photos Chance! Fantastic. YOU are an artist. And you have nice artist friends too. Hugs :D

  3. <3 what erpla said... I know i've seen what you wrote in world, and seen the pictures, but I finally pealed my eyes off sl and came here to read the whole thing <3

    Love you so dearly <3 thank you for everything, the constant support, encouragement, nagging haha... I love all of them and I truly am honored to meet as creative of a person as you are ^^ Which such eye, and a great heart to match~

    I wish I could pull your darn gym to sl so you'd stop running away every now and then!! TSK!

  4. you guys!! I'm so touched by these comments! Thank you! Love!

  5. just adding your blog on my blog roll!
    i love all pics!! soooo amazing!
    and i love those bootssssss!! so cute!!!
    and i love you!! and your little boy! ahaha <3

  6. the use of angles and expressions in this post just makes it amazing Chance <3
    i really do love it im late commenting here but i know ive already told you how much i love your posts

  7. fabulous. loved this post and the eccentricity of the look! <33


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